Our Services


Re-glazing is the process of spraying multiple surface coatings to leave your tub with the durability and shine of a brand new tub for less time, less money, and less mess than replacement.

Spot Repairs

Why replace a good bathtub when all it needs is a few chips or cracks repaired? Whether the tub is new or old, we can repair those unsightly spots while matching the repair to the existing tub colour. 

Non-Slip Application

Non-slip surfacing can prevent unexpected falls and the damages caused by rubber bath mats. Non-slips are clear or colour matched, and also serve to improve the durability of the tub base. We will also remove a pre-existing bathtub liner for you.

Colour Change

Updating your bathroom and in need of a colour change? We can refinish your harvest gold, pink, or green tub in white or almond without the high cost of replacement. Inquire for fashion colour change. 

Inlay Installation

In order to repair acrylic and fibreglass tub bases, we offer custom-cut inlay installation with an expert colour match and 1 year warranty.